Riidekapp Pearl White/Brown 2 door

Toote kood: White/Brown 001-003-019
1210x615mm H=2090mm
Maakodu, Romaantiline, Klassikaline
Valge, Pruun
Kättetoimetamine: 4-6 nädalat
Hind: 759.00  / tk.
Lisa ostukorvi

The 2-door wardrobe from Parole collection with a capacious drawer across the width of the wardrobe. The doors and the drawer have a high quality guides with a brake and self-closing system. The wardrobe is made of MDF board; the shelves and sides are made of laminate. Inside in the middle there is a vertical partition thanks to which on the one side of the wardrobe there is a rail for hangers and on the other side there are shelves for clothes. Finishing elements can be adjusted individually - the green handles can be combined with a ribbon overprint for a girl and the brown handles with a rocking horse overprint for a boy. Thanks to special fitting solutions of the printed area, it is possible to reverse the printed surface and return smoothly to the original, white version of the furniture. The wardrobe can be further personalized.