Riidekapp Barcelona 2 door

Toote kood: White 001-007-004
850x560mm H=1850mm
Maakodu, Skandinaavia, Romaantiline
Kättetoimetamine: 4-6 nädalat
Hind: 693.00  / tk.
Lisa ostukorvi

Barcelona 2-door wardrobe is decorated with two captions: La Prenda (sp. clothes) or El Abrigo (sp. clothes). Inside, in the middle there is a vertical partition thanks to which on the one side of the wardrobe there is a rail for hangers and on the other side there are shelves for clothes. It is also available in a version with shelves and rail only (without the partition). The standard version has four shelves - there is an opportunity to buy additional shelves.
The wardrobe is made of solid pine (the shelves are made of laminated chipboard). It was painted with ecological water paints.